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“The Landing at Greensborough Village” To Launch Planned Use Community

“The Landing at Greensborough Village” To Launch Planned Use Community

Jonesboro, AR – The developers of Greensborough Village, a 200 acre mixed-use master planned community in Jonesboro have announced the sale of a 15 acre multi-family tract to developers for “The Landing at Greensborough Village”.  While site specific details will be revealed by the ownership of “The Landing”, the over-arching scope was included in the land sale announcement.

Gary Harpole, managing partner and development specialist for Halsey Thrasher Harpole, said “The Landing” would consist of approximately 264 luxury apartments with an amenities package that will be groundbreaking for the market.  “The complex is going to be incredible,” Harpole said. “As we went through the architectural and site approval process, we were extremely impressed with the attention to detail that they are putting into ‘The Landing’.  The greenspace, the entertainment and public spaces, the clubhouse and the apartments themselves are unlike anything that exists in Northeast Arkansas.  We could not be happier with ‘The Landing’ to kick off vertical construction in Greensborough Village”.

Harpole went on to say that 2018 holds tremendous potential for Greensborough Village.  “We have significant infrastructure already in the ground, in terms of utilities, and this initial phase of road construction,” Harpole said. “We will build out the connection of Century Boulevard to Hwy 351 in the coming weeks, then turn our attention to utility installation over the winter.  As the weather warms up, we finish construction the balance of the roads throughout the development.  We have additional tracts already under contract and several in negotiation.

Greensborough Village is a 200 acre + mixed-use master planned community being developed in Northeast Jonesboro.  When fully developed, the Village has the potential for over one million square feet of commercial and mixed use space and support a residential population of 2,000-2,500 people.  Over 15% of the entire development is reserved for greenspace and public spaces and will include other amenities such as water features, walking trails, a fully connected sidewalk infrastructure and community pools among others.

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