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Busting The Bubble

Busting The Bubble

We’ve had a lot of positive feedback and comments on our previous post regarding “Quality of Life”. It seems that we aren’t the only ones who have more than a passing interest in determining, as best we can; what it means, how will we know it when we have it, and who should be responsible for paying for it? And once we determine WHO, then HOW?

Many of you offered suggestions, and many of you have posed your own questions. One particular correspondence with one of our city leaders was particularly telling. He really wanted to engage in meaningful dialogue as to how to best resolve these questions. It was the sincerity and depth of his questions that demonstrated just how real this issue has become to our community.

So we talked about it. And then we talked about it some more. And then we kept reading. And then we talked about it some more. And after all of that…guess what we found out?

It’s not that we don’t have the answers; it’s that we don’t have ENOUGH of the answers.

The truth of the matter is we can identify a host of “quality of life” attributes…for our generation! The problem, as we see it, is that too often we don’t include a broad enough contingent of demographics in making the decisions; and that, more times than not, we are making them in a “bubble”.

So in order to help us help Jonesboro work its way through this conundrum, we at HTH have decided to “BUST THE BUBBLE”!

If the future belongs to the millennials (and trust us, it does), then in order for us to expect them to move or stay here and make that future in our city, we desperately need their help in determining the who’s, what’s, where’s and how’s of the type of shops, restaurants, neighborhoods and amenities they will not only support, but that they will embrace!

Starting this summer, we will begin hosting a series of Development Roundtables SPECIFICALLY geared toward enhancing the quality of life component in our current and future developments. AND IF YOU ARE BETWEEN THE AGES OF 18-34…WE NEED YOU! Every one of you…we need participants as diverse as the city we live in. Every voice is an important voice.

So if you are reading this and you are in that bracket, or if you aren’t but know someone who is, that would be willing to participate in one of these roundtables, please let us know. No idea is too big, and no idea is too small.

Our current development portfolio in Jonesboro stands at OVER 300 acres. We are influencing, designing and/or building single family, multi-family, mixed use, retail, restaurant, office, and entertainment uses. From the types of businesses to the style of buildings, this is YOUR CHANCE to help re-write the script for the Jonesboro’s future! Between Greensborough Village, Centre Park, Downtown Jonesboro, the Aggie Road Corridor, and the new Parker Hollow developments, we are developing live/work/shop/eat/play concepts for every walk of life in every part of our city!

Don’t hesitate; join the conversation and be a part of the process to help reshape Jonesboro’s future. Email us today at or call our office and put ROUNDTABLE in the subject line. Tell us how to get back in touch with you and we will start coordinating your participation in these conversations and focus groups.

Let’s get busy!