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Riverback Estates

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Nestled in the heart of Osceola, Riverback Estates emerges as the pinnacle of energy-efficient living, poised to claim the title of the most eco-conscious neighborhood in the state, and possibly the entire MidSouth. Our excitement knows no bounds as we introduce this revolutionary concept to the dynamic Osceola community, opening doors to an unparalleled residential experience.

Our mission is clear: to attain ZERH-rated efficiency within this remarkable neighborhood, propelling it beyond the realm of Energy Star rated homes. Envision a product that eclipses today's minimal standards by over 50% in efficiency. The rewards are monumental residents will relish substantial savings on their monthly utility expenditures, bask in the convenience of proximity to workplaces, and indulge in the lavish comforts of cutting-edge residences.

Inspired by the steadfast devotion of the local steel industry to energy efficiency in their plant designs, we channel those same principles into the fabric of Riverback Estates. Our commitment mirrors their dedication to sustainability, propelling us toward the realization of an energy-efficient haven.

Yet, the narrative continues to unfold. Halsey Thrasher Harpole Real Estate Group is deploying full-time agents on-site. Riverback Estates is a prime opportunity for the "Work Here Live Here" initiative—an innovative program designed to cover 10% of the home purchase cost for participating members of the manufacturing industry in Mississippi County.

Riverback Estates not only presents an all-encompassing energy-efficient offering for its residents but also embraces the Zero Energy Ready Home Technology Package. This package incorporates cuttingedge insulation and high-performance windows, culminating in supreme thermal comfort and reduced energy consumption. The Quality Built Package guarantees construction excellence, exceedingly even the lofty benchmarks set by ENERGY STAR® and federal guidelines. In parallel, the Durability Package seamlessly integrates moisture resistance and robust components to ensure enduring quality. The Health Package takes center stage in promoting indoor air quality through contaminant control, fresh air systems, and high-capture filtration.

These packages synergistically encapsulate a holistic, energy-efficient, and luxuriously comfortable approach, unequivocally positioning Riverback Estates as the ultimate destination for sustainable living. Our partnership with ZERH is a testament to our unwavering commitment to align with the rigorous excellence criteria stipulated by the U.S. Department of Energy guidelines—a distinction shared by only an exclusive cohort of top-tier builders across the nation.

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